Category Topics

Drug Product Labeling

This category is for discussion of drug interactions that are mentioned in drug product labeling, either in text or tables. Topics that belong in this category include specific drug interactions mentioned in labeling, how to improve drug interaction content in labeling, and work related to drug interactions and US Structured Product Labeling, EU Summary of Product Characteristics, or other standards.

Merged PDDI dataset

This category is for discussions related to the Merged PDDI dataset that tries to combine as many public sources of PDDI data into a single data model.

Natural Product-Drug Interactions

This category if for discussion of topics related to natural product-drug interactions including research and datasets. This is also a category where questions can be posted about the NCCIH funded natural product-drug interactions public portal ( and data repository (

Ontology and representation

This category is for discussion of how to best represent evidence and knowledge in the drug interaction domain of discourse. Discussions about ontology development, data models, and formal knowledge representation all belong under this category.

Scientific Evidence

This category is for a discussion of the scientific evidence thats supports or refutes specific drug-drug interactions. Topics that belong in this category include the existing evidence about specific interactions, how to search for evidence of an interactions existence or effect, how to assess individual evidence items, and how to synthesize a body of evidence and create summary recommendations.


This category is for questions and discussion about the AnnotationPress tool including support questions and information about the drug and drug interaction annotations created using it.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Drug-drug Interaction Clinical Decision Support

Discussions and questions about drug-drug interaction clinical decision support knowledge artifacts.