Final comment periods for the PDDI information model community group note

I am pleased to let you know that are in the last phase before publishing our Community Group Report titled “Minimum Representation of Potential Drug-Drug Interaction Knowledge and Evidence - Technical and User-centered Foundation Specification.” I have pasted the abstract below and changes we made since the last version.

The Report is undergoing a review and commenting phase by members of the W3C who subscribe to the life sciences listservs.

The comment period open for roughly 3 weeks, until 3/18/2019 .

Link to the current draft:

I can provide a Word version of the document by request to those who would like. Alternatively, you can view it locally on your machine after downloading it from github:

Changes since last draft:

  • abstract and introduction: revised to add mention of the newly written 8 detailed best practice recommendations and the prototype representations of 2 exemplar PDDIs as narrative and JSON

  • Section 2.1: revised the “Drugs Involved” subsection to include the new identifiers, added the “Operational Classification Statement” section, and removed the “Severity” section

  • Added Section 2.2 A summary of recommendations related to the minimum information model that contains 8 detailed best practice recommendations using the definitions

  • Section 3: revised the comments made about each of the examples of the use of the minimal information model to refer to the 8 detailed best practice recommendations

  • Appendix A.1.4 – added a small introduction to value sets and how they related to PDDIs

  • Appendix A.1.5 – changed the straw man XML examples to more precise (though still exemplar) JSON Examples

  • Throughout: indicated which sections are considered normative vs non-normative (informational)

Current abstract:

The purpose of this Community Group Note is to provide a technical and user-centered foundation for a minimum information model for information about potential drug-drug interactions. The Note provides non-ambigous definitions for 10 core information items. It also provides 8 detailed best practice recommendations related to the 10 core information items. The definitions and recommendations are shown as both narrative and prototype JSON artifacts using 2 exemplar potential drug-drug interactions. Adoption of the recommendations by developers of PDDI knowledge artifacts will improve the usefulness of the artifacts within clinical workflows. Intended downstream applications include clinical decision support, drug product label enhancement, cohort identification, and other activities relevant to protecting patients from harm from drug interactions.

7 days left t comment! ----

This is a reminder to consider commenting (if you haven’t already) on the W3C Community Group report on a minimum information model for representing potential drug-drug interaction knowledge and evidence.

This final commenting period is extended to 3/21 (7 days from now)

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