Final report on the PDDI information model now published!

At long last the W3C Community Group report titled " A Minimum Representation of Potential Drug-Drug Interaction Knowledge and Evidence - Technical and User-centered Foundation" has been published!

The report abstract is pasted below. Please reply to this thread or email RIchard Boyce at U of Pittsburgh with any questions:

“The purpose of this Community Group Report is to provide a technical and user-centered foundation for a minimum information model for information about potential drug-drug interactions. The Report provides non-ambiguous definitions for 10 core information items. It also provides 8 detailed best practice recommendations related to the 10 core information items. The definitions and recommendations are shown as both narrative and prototype JSON artifacts using 2 exemplar potential drug-drug interactions. Twelve user stories with related goals illustrate use cases for the information model. Adoption of the recommendations by developers of PDDI knowledge artifacts will improve the usefulness of the artifacts within clinical workflows. Intended downstream applications include clinical decision support, drug product label enhancement, cohort identification, and other activities relevant to protecting patients from harmful drug interactions.”