LinkedSPLs is updated at 01/18/2017

Linked Structured Product Labels (linkedSPLs) contains all sections of FDA-approved drug package inserts from DailyMed for use by NLP and Semantic Web researchers. Mappings of Drugbank Id, FDA biomarker, RxNorm, DrOn, OMOP concept Id and drug classes are generated with product label. Please see details at:

As of 1/27/17 the following is true about LinkedSPLs:

  • it contains all prescription SPLs from dailymed (OTC and vet drugs not included)

  • FDA Pharmacogenetic Biomarker Table is up to date and thought to be complete

  • clinical pharmacogenomics annotations cover some 10 drugs listed in the FDA Pharmacogenetic Biomarker Table. The annotations were made in 2015 and 2016

  • Expert annotation data for drug interactions is being updated. It will cover pharmacokinetic interactions for 65 drugs

  • We are working on extracting all drug interactions from all tables in the Drug Interaction section. Should be released this summer.

Please post questions and suggestions to this list or the bio2rdf github