New HL7 project focusing on PDDI clinical decision support

Starting now, the HL7 CDS and Pharmacy workgroups are co-sponsoring development of an implementation guide for potential drug-drug interaction clinical decision support. This is open to anyone who wants to participate. See the HL7 project page for meeting information. The project specification document and development artifacts are stored on project github site. Feel free to reply to this message or send me a message with any questions.

Also, here is the meeting information:

Every other Wednesday at 12pm Eastern starting from April 4th 2018 and alternating with the CDS WG meeetings.

United States: +1 (571) 317-3122
Access Code: 513-111-949

The ballot content for HL7 FHIR Implementation Guide: Potential Drug-Drug Interaction (PDDI) Clinical Decision Support (CDS), Release 1 (PI ID 1405) is available here:

This implementation guide is currently being “balloted for comment”.

A short description of the IG is:

This implementation guide is targeted at stakeholders who seek to increase the specificity and clinical relevance of drug-drug interaction alerts presented through the electronic health record. The approach is service-oriented and uses Web standards, a minimum information model for potential drug interactions, and emerging Health Information Technology standards including CDS Hooks, FHIR, and Clinical Quality Language (CQL).

Now released to